• Music Match - pair the songs

    Game On World Music! Match 6 songs from 12 music cards for any music artist you like in MUSIC MEMORY GAME. The faster you are and the less mistakes you make, the higher your score and bonuses will be.​


    How well do you know your favourite music?

  • Mathicon - train your brain

    The game is designed to train anyone simple math while smart players challenge fast counting speed in this accelerating mathematic marathon. In time you see your brain become faster in math operations and number perceptions.
    How fast can you count?

  • Flappy Dots - hop survival

    Test your jump timing mastery with the two flappy dots gravity challenge that is not as easy as it looks to master through the infinite 32 levels while avoiding the white dot from touching the black shapes!


    What is your best score?

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    "Mathicon app that helps kids practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division at an elementary level"

    "It is a simple math app that trains your mind and improves your basics in the math. It also help to improve your brain exercise using challenges"

    "Bring out your inner math whiz with this captivating, challenging, and fast-paced math quiz!​"

    "It force your brain to deeply focus on a math equations and fast number recognition to pass the correct result with your character​"

    "Refine your sense of timing and decision making skills as you control your gravity-defying twin dots and dominate the grid. Bring dot-busting thrill to your day!"

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